Small Business Competitiveness Programme (SBC)

Developed by: ILO


The ILO’s SBC learning modules provide start-up and operational guidance to enterprises and entrepreneurs in a number of tourism sectors. SBC was developed to target the 245-296 million SMEs in South and Southeast Asia, many of which are currently not served by conventional business development and support services for reasons such as social and geographic isolation, inequality, resource constraints, and lack of empowerment in some communities.

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Aspiring Entrepreneurs Training Guide
Destination management good practice guide
Destination management training guide
Guesthouse and small hotel management good practice guide
Guesthouse and small hotel training guide
Handicraft good practice guide
Handicraft training guide
Homestay good practice guide
Homestay training guide
Market vendors good practice guide
Market vendors training guide
Restaurant and food vendors good practice guide
Restaurant and food vendors training guide
Smallholder farmers training guide

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