COVID-19 Resilience Guides and Training Tools for MSMEs

Developed by: ILO


The ILO has developed action-oriented guides for MSMEs in Asia-Pacific. The guides include simple and easy-to-implement recommendations, checklists, training modules and additional templates. They cover key topics including Financial Planning, Safe Return to Work and Finding Alternative Sources of Income, with additional tools underdevelopment. The guides are translated into Lao and can be downloaded directly by MSMEs to use as a self-guided resource.

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Link to module

Business Continuity Planning – PPT

Business Continuity Planning – Template (Word)

Business Plan Development – Session 1: Overview and Marketing

Business Plan Development – Session 2: Operations Plan

Business Plan Development – Session 3: Financial Plan

Business Plan Development – Session 4: Management Plan

Business Plan – Template (Word)

Financial Planning Guide during Covid19

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