Financial management for INGO

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The success of any endeavor, big or small, depends on how well you plan, manage, and coordinate communications. In addition, when you can communicate more effectively, you will solve problems in your organization or in your business to be able to lead the team to the same goal successfully.


Financial management for INGO

ECCIL EuroCham Laos Office (Orange building next to Chao Anouvong National Stadium and Heineken Office), Nokeokoummane Street, Mixay Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Many alternative methods exist for implementing financial management systems, and the organization should choose methods appropriate for its particular scale of operations.

The training will cover 1. Terminology in financial management and budget 2. Key Internal Control and Contract Management 3. Fund balance and audit preparation 4. Financial Analysis and Narrative Report 5. Financial Forecasting vs Budget

79USD – 122USD